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Print magazines (of all genres) create settings removed from the fast-paced, commercialized, screen environment—spaces for contemplation and a place to browse in freedom (start from the back, front, middle, or skip around—it’s your choice!).  Print connects and grounds. The Frankie & Maude Journal offers a respite from the never-ending scroll of digital wedding images, ‘likes’ and algorithms that can feel alienating, overwhelming and oddly static.  


In an age of hyper-visibility, today’s print renaissance is about finding a voice and claiming space. What we do now matters—being intentional and expressing your independent voice keeps options open for womxn (and all individuals) of the future.

In a 'big' nutshell—this is why we’ve gone old-school print. 

The Frankie & Maude Journal is more than a 'zine'—we're real people, creatives, intellectuals,

reaching for positive change.

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We are a small team….  Well, really small—just Kathleen & Meghann.  We launched Frankie & Maude, a bridal fashion design studio in 2013, but we go way back . . . we’re mother and daughter!  We’ve taken on creating and publishing The Frankie & Maude Journal as a way to combine our formal training in history and women’s studies with our experience as 

designers and makers in the wedding and fashion world.   


The Frankie & Maude Journal mirrors our personal ethos—to live and design with intention; to be inclusive; to create artistically-driven fashion editorials; to take an in-depth intellectual approach to wedding culture; and to raise the profile of ‘Slow Fashion’.  

Most importantly, as artists, essayists, editors and visual storytellers, we strive to share and

connect on a deeper level through wedding Art, Fashion, and Ideas.  

We have been extremely fortunate to have the support of talented individuals along the way.  Our sincerest thanks to all

who have contributed their time and energy to the Journal—every page is infused with your heart and soul

and we hope to honor your creative talents.