Frankie & Maude is a working design studio specializing in handcrafted fine-art bridal and editorial fashions & accessories for use in photo or film projects.  

The small studio designs with intention, crafting artful silhouettes that help creatives tell compelling visual stories through the collaborative process. 


Designs are available by Commission or on a short-term basis through their Lending Library program. 

Danielle Lentz Photography


KATHLEEN & MEGHANN have always been a team. The mother/daughter duo sojourned around the world while Kathleen was studying to earn first her BA, then MA and ultimately PhD in History at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.  Whilst Kathleen was in academe, Meghann’s young mind filled with the mysteries and romance of medieval ruins, cobblestone streets, university libraries, the moors, and the power of the North Sea.  (She’s never lost the impulse to collect and catalog “treasures” like the shards of pottery from the beaches at St. Andrews!)

Landing in the Pacific Northwest, Kathleen taught history at the university level as Meghann sought her own education, earning a Bachelor of Arts whilst exploring the intersections of history, women’s and cultural studies.

The gravitational pull always seems to be there and Meghann and Kathleen teamed up once again in 2013 to begin their next adventure—Frankie & Maude, a working design studio that specializes in handcrafting fine art bridal and editorial fashions and wearable adornments. The duo’s design aesthetic is imbued with their knowledge and love of history, art and architecture.  Finding inspiration in everything from 19th century botanical illustrations to museums, galleries, books and film (old and new), as well as travel.

With a passion for creative exploration, the studio is a way for the mother/daughter team to curate, collect, and embrace all that they see (and have seen) around them—to be innovative, independent, and expressive in their art. Most important, Frankie & Maude is a way to engage, collaborate and share inspiration with a larger community of talented creative professionals, be it through Commissions or the fashion Lending Library program. The studio remains intentionally small, focused on collaborative campaigns, photo or film projects and individualized attention.

It’s important that the Frankie & Maude brand mirrors Kathleen and Meghann’s personal values and ethos—to live and design with intention; to be inclusive; to design and create beautiful & innovative bespoke pieces; and to raise the profile of “Slow Fashion” through the Lending Library.

"The creative process is part imagination,

part research, part hustle" 



                                                                                               Kathleen & Meghann

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